Working with parents

Across the 4 Learning Partnership we aim to provide the children with high quality education and experiences which impact their physical, social and emotional development. To do this we realise the importance of parental involvement.

We work in partnership with parents to identify and promote their child's skills by signposting them to an outside club once they have been identified as having a talent or passion for a certain sport. Children also receive a 'you've been talent spotted' sticker and some information about an outside club.

Parents and carers are informed and encouraged to come along and support their children in our sporting events. These include both matches and tournaments within the 4 school partnership and against other local schools.

We aim to recognise and share the children's sporting achievements both inside and outside school. Children are encouraged to bring in certificates and medals to be presented in celebration assemblies. Results and 'player of the match' are also celebrated in assemblies, on the website, in newsletters and on our 'Sporting Achievements' noticeboard. Parents are invited to assemblies where their children are being celebrated.